Join us for the Survivor Day Butterfly Release 2022 on August 6th!

Our Mission

LOSS exists to be an instillation of hope to those bereaved by suicide, empowering survivors so they

can thrive. LOSS envisions a community of loss survivors experiencing a restoration of hope and

standing together for suicide awareness.

Survivor Stories

Survivor stories are personal stories from people who have survived the loss of a loved one, a close friend,

or a colleague and how they are finding their way to hope and healing through their grief.

Share My Story

Sharing a little about your journey can honor your loved one and help other loss survivors.

Our People

LOSS is a community of hope, consisting of staff, a Board of Directors, and dozens of amazing volunteers.

Volunteers with LOSS serve survivors of suicide

loss and the community by raising awareness.

A word from our Founder, Denise Meine-Graham

LOSS Programs

Volunteers are the heart of LOSS

Community Services. The following programs

are available because of them!

Companion Support Groups

Remembrance Events Community Education

Suicide Prevention Training