I Didn’t Ask to be a Butterfly


By Susan Zacatelco, who lost her life partner to suicide in July, 2018 The last time I met with my counselor, he asked me to rate how my week went – how I was “doing.”  Honestly, I felt I had experienced a fairly decent week, and rated it an 8 (out of 10) which he then asked me […]

Being a Grieving Stepdad


by Robbie Graham. Robbie’s stepson Drey died by suicide in 2012 I am a stepdad to Drey who took his life on August 8, 2012 – that date will never lose its significance. He was – is – my wife’s only child. He was loved, taken care of, even spoiled (in some respects). Externally, he […]

My Dad is a Lion

My Dad the lion. Fierce, strong, independent

By Marc Joslyn. Marc’s Dad died by suicide in 2015. My Dad is a Lion. This Father’s Day I celebrate him in a way that focuses on how he lived and not on how he died. He taught me a lot. As time marches forward, I realize more, just how much. He rarely spoke using […]

I Have Feelings Too… Just Don’t Tell Anyone

Supporting suicide survivors

By Mark Price who lost his oldest son to suicide in August, 2012 I’m writing this at the request of my daughter Sarah In the last few years, Sarah has interacted with a number of people suffering through their own very personal grieving processes. Everyone dealt with it differently. Although there seemed to be a […]

Father’s Day and Grief

Supporting suicide survivors

by Robbie Graham, who lost his Dad in 2005 (not suicide) and stepson in 2012 (suicide) Father’s Day. What emotions, thoughts, or images does this bring to mind? Some have fond memories to various degrees while others have less then fond, perhaps even bitter and angry, memories. This also applies to those who have lost […]

Dream 1


by John. John’s oldest & coolest friend died by suicide in 2010. Some of us have dreams about our People. Some of us have dreams about our People. When I start hammering on the old keyboard for LOSS, I try to write something that others can identify with; I hope that things I’ve experienced or […]

Grief in the Time of Quarantine

Supporting suicide survivors

by John. John’s oldest & coolest friend died by suicide in 2010. Friends, I’m writing to you during a strange time. COVID-19 has forced us into quarantine. This lockdown has no definite end date, so we’ll have to adjust to another new normal. Grief in the time of quarantine is a new experience for us […]

A Mix of Different Colors

Hallie And Rich

by Hallie and Susan Zacatelco, suicide loss survivors. How does one begin a blog about losing a loved one to suicide? I yearn to share my story, to be a support to those just starting their journey “into the wilderness” of suicide grief. But where to begin? How to start? Well, it’s most fitting that […]



by John. John’s oldest & coolest friend died by suicide in 2010. I have brief visions of a future that never happened. My subconscious named them shards: tiny, fractured, twinkling pieces of it, and sharp. Unlike a real memory, or even a daydream, I can’t access the larger scene. If I consciously imagine more, things […]