Working Minds: Suicide Prevention in the Workplace is a 2-hour training that helps organizations proactively address the early warning signs of suicide in the workplace. 

Suicide prevention warrants everyone’s attention because the feelings of despair, isolation and hopelessness associated with suicide do not wait quietly for after work hours.

Just as organizations have realized they can help reduce heart disease by encouraging exercise, they can also reduce suicide by promoting mental health and encouraging early identification and intervention. 

This training will educate and equip businesses with tools to address mental health and suicide concerns within the workplace.

The training gives participants the skills and tools to appreciate the critical need for suicide prevention while creating a forum for dialogue and critical thinking about workplace mental health challenges, and by promoting help-seeking and help-giving.

One LOSS staff member is a certified Working Minds Trainer

Working Minds Suicide Prevention Training is available for workplaces on request.

Modules Include:

• Why Suicide Prevention in the Workplace –
Why it makes good business sense and
is the right thing to do
• What to Do When Someone is Suicidal –
What are the warning signs and a model of risk?
• How to Have Safe and Effective
Conversations about Suicide.
• Best Practices in Suicide Postvention –
How to Respond after a Suicide Crisis