Angela Damon is a Suicide Prevention Initiatives Coordinator, focusing on the prevention training needs of LOSS Community Services.

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Angela Damon has been dedicated to suicide loss support and prevention since 2017.  Her journey with mental health started during childhood when she had to cope with her mother’s suicidal thinking.  Her exposure to suicide continued when only a few years into her marriage, Angela’s husband attempted suicide.  Experiencing her mother and husband struggle with depression, in addition to grappling with depression herself, Angela is convinced that depression and suicidal thinking is a widespread problem that affects more people than our society currently recognizes. She is passionate about equipping people, regardless of their background, to recognize warning signs and talk comfortably about this difficult topic.

Angela graduated from The Ohio State University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She is certified in NOVA Crisis Response Training and Psychological First Aid.  Angela is a certified trainer of Working Minds: Suicide Prevention in the Workplace, CALM (Counseling on Access to Lethal Means), QPR (Question Persuade Refer Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper) Training, and is also a Mental Health First Aid Instructor.   She has conducted 40+ QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper trainings, reaching over 800 people. She has presented at the First Responders Conference, the Veteran’s Affairs Women’s Behavioral Summit, the Columbus Public Health Department, and multiple schools, businesses, and churches.

Through her life experiences and relationships, Angela has seen firsthand the power of hope in even the darkest times. Hope is a beautiful and precious gift that any person can offer to another.

Examples of Audiences:

• Mental Health Professionals
• 1st Responders
• Workplaces
• Faith Communities

Topics Include:

• Suicide Grief
• Hope
• How to safely talk about suicide.
• Suicide Awareness and Prevention
• Warning Signs
• Lethal Means Conversations