Remembrance Bears: July Drop-off


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LOSS Community Services
3040 Riverside Dr Suite 224, Columbus, OH, 43221

Remembrance Bears: A special way to honor your loved one

Remembrance bears made from materials special to you and your loved one are a beautiful way to honor, cherish, and remember their life. Using the materials you provide, each bear will be lovingly hand crafted by a suicide loss survivor. When finished, each bear will be gently boxed for protection and you will receive notification by email or phone when it is ready to be picked up.

  • Drop off materials to LOSS 9:00-4:00 weekdays until the final business day of the month
  • You will receive your completed bear by the end of the following month
  • Provide materials to LOSS in a bag with YOUR first and last name, telephone number, email, and the name of the loved one you are remembering
  • Bears are approximately 10 inches tall
  • Cost $30 per bear

Remembrance bears also make a loving gift to share with other family members and friends to cherish.

Info about material:

  • Clean and ironed
  • No denim, leather or other heavy material
  • Cotton and flannel materials work great but other options are possible, too
  • If enough material is provided (adult sized shirt, blanket, pillow case, etc), entire bear will be made of your loved ones materials
  • If smaller amount of material is provided, one panel of bear will be made of your loved ones materials
  • All bears will include black nose and eyes unless material provided is black then please state the color of eyes and nose you’d like (via email:
  • Any left over materials will be returned to each person

Completed remembrance bears will be gently boxed and presented to you. You will be notified when they are ready for pickup.

Remembrance bear with photo
Bear made from graduation gown.

Two remembrance bears
Bears made from a t-shirt and a light sweat shirt








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